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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sidewalk Defender

She pulled the umbrella from her side as though pulling a sword in a long-forgotten time, held it as holding a long sword and waited patiently for her enemy.

The cards in his spokes clicked as he pedaled toward her. He hadn't noticed his assailant poised and prepared to pounce, he saw only a young woman struggling with her umbrella, standing in the sidewalk - another pedestrian standing between him and class.

Suddenly, with a loud "THWACK" he found himself sprawled on the ground. He looked around - afraid of another blow from his unknown and unseen foe, but none was forthcoming. Too shaken to ride his bike, he walked the rest of the way to class.

Our valiant warrior smiled, tucked her umbrella back in its place and continued on her way to work.

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