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Monday, May 26, 2008

sweet temptation

Rose petals fell around her as she spun into misery, crunched beneath her feet, dried before they touched the ground. It was dark in this place with the only light from somewhere far away - it could have been the sun, but it too fell and died, hiding her toes, darkening even as it illumined.

She knew this place, felt the energy of the darkness overcoming her even as it trapped her, wrapping her in its warm embrace, constricting her from her breath, protecting her from harm, killing her while it sheltered her. She groaned, sinking from the light, while grasping for it weakly.

"Impossible," she whispered, "Hateful," she muttered, "Mercy," she pleaded, "It is mine!" she cried.

And her knees were lost in the fading light, shadows dancing around her as her breath at once stirred and doused the flame shining in the distance.

"Peace," he whispered.

"No, it's just! It's mine! It's fair! It's right! I will not surrender. Do not make me surrender. I'm tired of surrender."

"Peace," he whispered.


"Peace," he whispered.


"Peace," he whispered.

Peace she claimed, the darkness faded, light returned, shades stood still, freedom filled her, pain vanished, and the petals turned to roses carried in her arms, placed before her mother, offered to the Son, and she stood in the Immaculate Heart which stood in the Sacred Heart and peace was hers and light there was shining around her, releasing her from shackles, revealing the wounds of love and healing them with that self-same fire that burned through every dark desire.

"Peace," she whispered and peace was hers.

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